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Aspira Tó’ (Nail Vacuum)

500 د.إ
Manicure tabletop vacuum cleaner. With its 80W of power, it removes all dust and dirt during your work for impeccable results.
*Does not contain filter refills.

Bit Box

25 د.إ
Organizer box so that you always have your bits handy and well placed. Protect them from bumps, dirt and dust.

Manicure Brush

30 د.إ
Cleaning brush for manicure and Russian manicure.  

Robotech Pro Drill 2.0 (Portable Drill 35.000 rpm)

1.730 د.إ
It's finally here! The Jimena Nails portable drill. Comfortable to carry and store, lightweight, powerful, 35.000rpm!, digital rpm and battery indicator... You won't want to use any other... AVAILABLE IN TWO COLORS: ANALITIK PINKo KINETIK BLUE

Candy LED Digital Lamp 48w

720 د.إ
Professional UV/LED lamp with 48W of power for drying gel and gel polish. Very practical due to its small size and weight.
Holographic pink color.

LED it dry! Portable lamp

120 د.إ
Mini portable LED drying lamp. Perfect for jewelry, rhinestones, 3D plasticine gel figurines or any detailed and precise work.  
Batteries not included

Lollipop Lamp® (WIRELESS LAMP)

1.150 د.إ
Professional wireless lamp for drying gel polish, gel, acrylgel and gel paint. Its pink LED light favors and activates the skin collagen.
Power: 48w

Magic Drill (35.000 rpm)

720 د.إ
Electric table drill for private and professional use. Perfect for the removal of UV gel and acrylic manicures, Russian and combination manicures. It includes a head with safety lock.
35.000 rpm